Student arrested after bringing gun to school

by: Carl Willis Updated:

ATLANTA - A student created dangerous situation on a local high school campus, according to Atlanta police.

They said a student brought a loaded .22 caliber handgun onto the campus of Mays High School in southwest Atlanta.

"I think it was ridiculous for him, 16 years old, should have known better, coming up here with a gun," Clarence Nichols told Channel 2's Carl Willis.

Nichols said his son and daughter graduated from Mays. He said he was shocked to hear that two students were arrested Friday.

One of them was taken in for the gun, and the other was arrested for allegedly using drugs with that student while on campus.

"That's unheard of also," said Nichols. "When I was in school that was a no-no. We couldn't even hardly drink water."

Atlanta police said a school resource officer found the student in the restroom holding the concealed handgun.

"I think if the parents make sure their guns are locked up to where the kids can't get to them we won't have this problem," said Theresa Nix.

Willis reached out to Atlanta Public School officials to ask about safety protocols, and if things would need to be adjusted after the incident.

"Questions need to be raised," community activist Raynard Johnson tweeted to Willis. Johnson started spreading news about the incident on Friday.

Officials with APS were out on spring break and unavailable for comment.