• Stray bullet misses sleeping baby by inches


    ATLANTA - Parents awoke to gunfire outside their southwest Atlanta home overnight but it wasn't until they walked into their child’s room when they realized a bullet narrowly missed their sleeping baby.
    Christina and Tommy Samuels are holding on to their daughter Angel a little tighter after a normal night’s sleep almost ended in tragedy.
    "It almost made me have a heart attack,” Christina said. "It sound like an automatic weapon or something.”
    She ran to her child's room and heard screaming around 1 a.m. Saturday.
    "All I seen was she was screaming and took her out of the room,” Christina said.
    It wasn't until the parents came back into the nursery when they noticed something wrong.
    "I looked up and I seen that. My first thought someone was drilling through the wall, then I seen that one and that changed everything,” Christina said.
    The bullet passed only inches over the crib of 7-month-old Angel.
    Atlanta police are investigating. They said they believe the bullet must have come from a high-powered weapon, passing through the outside wall and three inside walls into another bedroom.
    Investigators said they believe the shots came in front of a nearby nightclub, crossed Cascade Avenue and through a parking lot, on an upward angle and into the baby's room two houses away.
    Angel’s parents are just thankful the baby was sleeping and one of them wasn't standing next to the crib.
    "If she would have been up it would have hit her,” Christina said.
    Police are still looking for the shooter.
    According to a report from the original emergency call, the shooting victim said he was in his car when someone came up and started shooting. He was shot twice in the leg and taken to the hospital.

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