Storms leave behind damage in Atlanta



ATLANTA - Parts of metro Atlanta are cleaning up after storms rolled through, bringing down trees, flooding streets and knocking out power to thousands.
At one point Thursday night, nearly 22,000 people were without power throughout the state.
In Grant Park, more than a dozen cars were damaged by fallen trees. Power poles were also snapped, leaving neighborhoods in the dark.
“The rain was coming down pretty hard but when it hit whenever the tree hit it shook the whole house,” said resident Lonnie Padgett.
Crews said a tree fell onto a house on Bryan Street, also rupturing a gas line. Crews were able to shut it off.

The heavy storm collapsed a tree onto a building at the Rockbridge Court apartments in Norcross.

Resident Bryan Gonzalez said he was home at the time.

"All I saw was lightning outside of the window and I knew something was wrong with the tree,” Gonzalez said.

Moments later a loud crash and water flowing into his apartment. He got his family and dialed 911.

Gwinnett County firefighters say a total of four units were damaged and around 15 people have been displaced.

 “When I came outside, it was just like this complete chaos,” said neighbor David Chirinos.

Firefighters said everyone made it out but at least two of the units appear to be structurally unsound.

 “It is a dangerous situation for the people in the building that's why they're evacuated. That's why we're going to keep them out until we're able to let them back in. Obviously structural engineers will have to take a look at the building,” said Gwinnett County Fire Capt. Tommy Rutledge.

“There's still like three more trees that could come down,” Chirinos said.

Firefighters said the Red Cross is assisting the residents.

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