Still no leads in beating of DeKalb officer's wife

by: Erin Coleman Updated:

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - It's been more than a week, and DeKalb County police still have no suspects in the beating of an officer's wife.

According to a police report obtained by Channel 2, Sgt. Jerry Banks found his wounded wife slumped in their driveway May 13. The report said Banks, the couple's daughter and her boyfriend were home the evening of the incident, and told investigators they did not hear any unusual noises.

Channel 2's Erica Byfield spoke to DeKalb County Police Chief William O'Brien about the investigation.

"It's been slow moving for us, still interviewing people and researching documents and canvassing the area, no good leads at this point," he said.

O'Brien added his detectives are determined to figure out who attacked the officer's wife.

Byfield asked the chief if his investigators believe it was a random act of violence.

"At this point I would have to say, 'yes.' We don't have anything that leads us in a different direction at this point," O'Brien said.

A line in the police report described the victim's condition. The reporting officer wrote, "The victim's face and head was covered with blood. The victim was lying partially on her left side. It appeared that the victim had sustained lacerations to the forehead and to the back of the head."

An open record's request into the officer's background revealed he has been suspended several times throughout his career for yelling at superiors, failing to renew the tag on his personal car for a year, speeding and causing an accident.

Byfield also uncovered Banks was arrested in 1993 for domestic violence before becoming an officer, but the charges were later dropped.

Channel 2 has also reported Banks was arrested for domestic violence in 1998. Banks told Byfield the incident involved his ex-wife, and he was eventually cleared.

Police have not said Banks is a suspect in his current wife's assault. Anyone with information on the attack is asked to contact DeKalb Police.