Stephenson HS football team returns to field after player shot


DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Security was out at as a high school football team took the field for the first time since one of their players was shot in the stomach.
The shooting happened Sunday and Stephenson High School's team was back on the field Thursday night.
Some Stephenson parents told Channel 2's Carl Willis their boys needed the game to get back to normal.
"You can't let anything like that deter you," said parent Rick Moredock. "You have to keep on, keep everything moving as normal so the kids don't get shaken by it."
DeKalb school police said football players went to their facilities on campus at 3:30 Sunday afternoon to study video from their game.
That's when police said another group of teens who do not attend Stephenson approached them in the parking lot.
A fight started and one of the Stephenson players was shot in the stomach.
"They didn't go looking for it," said Moredock. "It came to them and you never think anything like that is going to happen."
Moredock told Willis he knows the victim well.
"When I heard which kid it was, being that I coached him when he was 12 and 11, I was concerned and was feeling for his mom,” Moredock said.
There was plenty of security at the gates and walking around the stadium Thursday night.
Parents said the scene on campus has been similar.
"They have beefed up security at the school before and after practice," said Moredock.
Erica Ladler said she had a talk with her son.
"I told him to be careful of his surroundings, what he says and to be careful of texting and things like that," she said.
Still, most of the parents said they were relieved to see their kids back on the field.
"I feel great," said Ladler. "I'm glad that they're going on and not focusing on the bad stuff."
Those close to the program said the shooting victim is recovering and visited the Stephenson campus Wednesday.

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