State's final witnesses take stand in DeKalb school corruption trial

by: Erica Byfield Updated:

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - The seventh day of testimony in a high-profile corruption trial linked to the county school district is complete.

Patricia Reid and Tony Pope face racketeering and theft by taking charges. Reid worked for DeKalb Schools. Pope is an architect.

During earlier testimony, several people said Reid and Pope were told Pope could finish the project begun with the district but could complete no other work. It's alleged despite that warning, Pope continued to work and make more than a million dollars.

The state's final witnesses included the former District Attorney's Office investigator who built the state's case and a forensic accountant.

Clay Nix left the DeKalb County DA's Office earlier this year to take a job with the Georgia Department of Corrections.

While on the stand, Nix told jurors in the course of his investigation he conducted close to 50 interviews.

Nix also discussed applying for a search warrant to enter both of the defendant's homes, a business and a building owned by the DeKalb County school system.

Reid's attorney asked Nix several questions about former DeKalb County Schools Superintendent Crawford Lewis. Lewis was indicted with Reid and Pope.

In October, Lewis cut a deal with the state and agreed to testify against Reid and pope.

Last week during Lewis' testimony he told jurors he had an affair with a coworker and Reid tried to blackmail him.

Nix testified Lewis told him something different in 2009.

"He stated that he had not been blackmailed," he said.

"You asked him if he any extra martial affairs?" said Reid attorney Tony Axam.

"Yes sir," Nix replied.

"How did he answer that question?" Axam said.

"He indicated that he had not," said Nix.

Later in the day a forensic accountant took the stand.

Karen Fortune talked about tracing Pope and Reid's business and personal accounts.

Fortune testified she noticed money Pope made from DeKalb County Schools ended up in both Reid and Pope's personal accounts. Then she mentioned some of the money went to pay for a loan on a 2007 Jaguar in Reid's name.

As for Pope, Fortune told jurors at the time of the alleged theft, Pope owed the federal government more than $350,000 in unpaid payroll taxes.