State says jobs increasing in Georgia

By: Dave Huddleston


COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Janelle Colon has worked in customer service at a Cobb County Kmart for only two months.

Even though she's working on a holiday, she said she feels blessed.

"It's a wonderful thing. I think employment is important for all people, especially people who have families. You're able to spend money, make money and save money, and pay bills, which is the mandatory thing," Colon said.

According to the state labor department, a lot more Atlantans will be able to pay bills.

In one year, the October unemployment number dropped more than a point to 8. 2 percent. That's 19, 500 new jobs.

The retail industry alone saw a jump of almost 6,000 jobs. Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said retail isn't the only place he's seen an increase in jobs. He said there's been a spike across the board.

"Pretty much all the major categories saw job gains, even all the way down to construction, which has been struggling in this economy," Butler said,

But even though Georgia is showing positive growth, Butler said problems in Washington, D.C., primarily that looming fiscal cliff, could destroy any forward momentum by raising taxes and killing jobs.

"That would have devastating effects on Georgia's economy. Also we have to keep our eye on Europe on the financial markets over there because that also affects Georgia's economy because let's face it, Georgia has an international economy now," Butler said.

But for now it's a growing economy. One that Janelle Colon is happy to be a part of.

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