• State looking into why Gwinnett doctor's office abruptly closed


    LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - State investigators are looking into the abrupt closing of a Lawrenceville doctor's office. 
    Patients complain they're not able to get their records since the office has been shut down.
    Channel 2’s Tony Thomas has been receiving phone calls and emails from patients over the last couple weeks, saying the office had closed without warning, and they didn't know how to access their records.
    Patricia Gannon has a long list of medical problems.
    As she prepares to move, getting her records has proved tough. Her doctor of several years abruptly closed shop.
    “For two weeks, all they kept saying, on the answering machine, is that he was away for a family emergency,” said Gannon.
    That emergency then turned into a complete shutdown.  Thomas went to Dr. Sean Herrin's office on Old Norcross Road. Thomas found notes announcing the closure taped to the door.
    Thomas saw patients outside the office trying to find the doctor.  A few moments later, Thomas spotted Herrin himself.
    Inside the empty office, he showed Thomas hundreds of medical files. 
    “Not a single record is missing. I have boxes here to move everything,” Herrin said.
    And the ultrasound machine, he said, he fell behind on payments for that temporarily put him out of business.
    “There was a legal decision that froze all my personal and corporate accounts the day before payroll,” Herrin said.
    Herrin said he will reopen at a different location and is working to get medical records to those who want them.
    “I pray for patience and understanding,” Herrin said.
    Gannon said she's still trying to get her records.
    “That to me still sounds fishy, but at least thank God, he's OK!” she said.
    Herrin said investigators with the state medical board have been in contact with him.  
    Officials with the Medical Association of Georgia said patients having trouble getting their records can their office at 678-303-9290.

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