• State House member pass Slow Poke law, heads to Senate


    ATLANTA - It's not just good manners, It's also the law that if you're driving in the fast lane in Georgia you have to get out of the way of someone driving faster.
    Tuesday, the state house voted overwhelmingly to make that law even tougher.
    “Somebody running 90 miles an hour and someone comes up behind you, should you get out of the way?” Channel 2’s Jeff Dore asked Rep. Bill Hitchens (R-Rincon).
    “I said you should get out of the way but you should call 911 right away and report him because he's dangerous,” Hitchens said.

    Hitchens authored HB-459
    Dore talked with drivers at The Varsity in midtown Atlanta.
    Some of them agreed, if cars behind catch up with you, then you should get over.
    “Get out of the way, you want to live,” one driver said.
    “You just need to get out of the way. That's the way it is,” another driver told Dore.
    “We had an incident up on Interstate 75 where some people became entangled and it ended up gunshots,” Hitchens said. 

    Hitchens isn't just some know-nothing legislator. He used to be Georgia’s top traffic officer, the head of the state patrol. He knows traffic safety.
    The bill heads now to the state Senate.

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