Son of local politician has cellphone stolen on first day of college

By: Dave Huddleston


ATLANTA - The son of Fulton County Chairman John Eaves had his cellphone stolen during his first day of class at Morehouse College.

"I'm concerned, frustrated and angry," said Eaves.

Eaves dropped his son Issac off on campus on Friday. But Issac called a couple hours later and said two men approached him with a gun and demanded he hand over his cell phone.

Issac Eaves complied, but began chasing the suspects after one fired a gun into the air.

"Your life is precious and your cellphone, yeah, you like to contact your friends, but that is not as important as your life," Eaves told his son.

Eaves worried that his political career working to improve the justice system, education and work skills readiness for underserved communities is becoming a losing battle.

"We have to address those lost values; integrity, honesty and fairness," he said. "It seems those things are going out the door right now. Yes, there's been a lot of national conversations about the Trayvon Martin situation, but we have problems right here at home."

Morehouse campus police said they are looking for four suspects between the ages of 18 and 25.

Issac Eaves was not hurt.

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