Sneiderman attorneys may ask for change of venue

by: Mike Petchenik Updated:

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - The lead attorney for a Dunwoody woman accused of conspiring to have her husband killed is “seriously considering” requesting a change of venue for her trial.

His client, Andrea Sneiderman, plunged into the national spotlight when her former boss stood trial for gunning down her husband outside their son’s pre-school. An eight-count indictment accuses Sneiderman of working with the convicted killer, Hemy Neuman, charging her with murder.

Prosecutors believe Sneiderman and Neuman were having an affair and worked together to get her husband’s $2 million life insurance policy and other assets.

“Indictments are built on solid rocks of evidence, and this one’s built on a pillar of salt and will fall,” Morgan told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik as he headed into the DeKalb County Jail to meet with the 36-year-old mother of two Friday.

According to the indictment, Sneiderman provided Neuman with her husband Rusty’s schedule to help plan the shooting, but Morgan said the claims are unfounded.

“We have some allegations and innuendos, but nothing that amounts to showing anyone is culpable of murder,” he said.

Morgan told Petchenik he’s preparing to ask a judge to grant Sneiderman bond at an Aug. 21 hearing because she has no criminal history, has ties to the community, and there’s no evidence she would intimidate witnesses.

But Morgan will make that argument before Gregory Adams, the same judge who expelled Sneiderman from the courthouse during Neuman’s trial amid allegations she threatened witnesses.

“Andrea didn’t understand the rule of sequestration.  Most people don’t,” said Morgan.

Morgan said he would not ask Judge Adams to recuse himself from the hearing, but his team is considering requesting a change of venue because of the pre-trial publicity and the media coverage of Neuman’s trial. A representative for DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James declined to comment on how the state would respond to such a request.

“You’ve got to be living in a cave to know nothing about this case,” he said.  “I think this is probably a case where the state probably won’t oppose a change of venue because they realize if we file this, and it’s not granted, it certainly would be a very good ground on appeal.”

On Friday, the jury forewoman in Neuman’s trial told Channel 2’s Erin Coleman she and the other jurors suspected Sneiderman all along.

“Without a doubt, I think that [had] she not come into his life at that time, Hemy Neuman would not have been in that spot,” Cynthia Rivers told Coleman.

Rivers said Sneiderman was very expressive during Neuman’s trial, muttering during witness testimony that contradicted her story.

“I knew there was much more to the story, but I’m elated now because I think we’re headed to complete closure for the Sneiderman family and justice,” Rivers said.

Channel 2's Erin Coleman contributed to this article. Follow her on Twitter @erincolemanwsb.