Snakes invade south Fulton yard


Cardiz Lane North, South Fulton County

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - A south Fulton County woman said she and her pets are being terrorized by a snake invasion.

Channel 2’s Jeff Dore went to Carolyn Ellis’ home on Cardiz Lane North on Monday.

“I'm nervous. I've seen like 15 snakes,” Ellis told Dore.

The snakes even bit her twin Rottweilers, and one of the dogs was bitten twice.

“His nose was bleeding. Then I heard her barking, and I see her across there, and she leaped up in the air, and I saw her get bitten,” Ellis said.

In June, Channel 2 crews spotted a snake in a nearby yard after a beaver dam created a swamp in the area. Ellis said she discovered snakes were living under her concrete patio. She said she has seen black snakes, copperhead snakes and others.

“At least five have come out from under there,” Ellis said, showing the patio.

Her son has fought them off.

“He's killed them with a rake and then shot them. I had to pour bleach out the window on one that was right there,” Ellis said.

She said she's now afraid to leave her home.

“I'm afraid to go out, and I’ve got to keep my Rottweiler in, meaning at 3 a.m. I’ve got to walk them out and put on boots to the knees,” she said.

Ellis has spread snake-repellent, a type which a wildlife nuisance controller recommended to Dore, but Ellis said it came with great expense and little effect. She called the county for help, but officials declined.

“They said it's the homeowner's responsibility,” she said.