Snag in software causing issues for voters weeks before election



FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Just weeks before Election Day, thousands of people haven't been told where to go vote because of a snag in the new statewide election system.

Channel 2's Erin Coleman went to the secretary of state's office and talked to some voters who say it's just one more thing that has them losing faith in the process.

"It's just absurd. I actually think they need to get it right. This is not new," said Cobb County voter Phillip Randall.

He's just one of the voters Coleman found outside the Fulton County election office in downtown Atlanta saying they're tired of election problems -- not just in Fulton, but all over.

"In the past I've had to fight and search around to find exactly where I'm supposed to go," Randall said.

And the fear is, more people, tens of thousands in Fulton, Cobb and many other counties, could have that happen to them, too.

The reason is this is the first election in 18 years where the state is using a new web-based system. It's a complete overhaul and there have been issues with the roll out.

Now tens of thousands of voters statewide who recently registered, moved, or were in a redistricted area haven't been notified where to vote or they received a card with the wrong precinct information.

"There are just issues you're going to have when you implement a system this size with 600 million voters and over 159 counties with the type of project this size you're going to have issues come up," said Tim Fleming, deputy secretary of state.

"We wanted to go ahead and get it in in 2013 because next year is going to be a big election year," he said.

"I understand the frustration with that we have to take responsibility for it," added Fleming.

Rick Barron, the Fulton County elections director, says his employees pulled 20,000 precinct cards they suspected were wrong before they were sent out.

"When you're an elections director you have to manage the errors and find a solution," he said.

Voters hope that solution comes soon.

Fulton County says it plans to send out new cards to those 20,000 people on Friday. Click here to contact the Secretary of State's Office for questions about your precinct.