Slain officer's dad: ‘Justice is being served'

by: Richard Elliot Updated:


ATLANTA - A woman accused of killing her former roommate, the East Point Police Department's officer of the year, will remain in jail without bond for now.

Danielle Parker waived her first court appearance Wednesday morning, so she will not appear in court again for two weeks. At that point, she'll go before a Superior Court judge.

Fulton County police arrested Parker and charged her with the murder of East Point Police Cpl. Crystal Parker.  Longtime family friend Rosemary McLendon discovered the victim’s body inside her home Sunday night.  Detectives think the body was in the house for several days.

"We always have a date Sunday night for dinner and movies," said McLendon.  "I hadn't heard from her, and I kept calling, so I just wanted to check."

The victim's brother and father showed up at the jail to attend the court hearing, but did not seem disappointed when the suspect waived it.

"There's a process," said the victim's brother Joseph Parker, Jr.  "She has to go through her process, just like we have to go through the process.  It's her choice to make.  There's no way we can control that."

He praised the job done by Fulton County police.

"Police are doing a good job," he said. "We have to let them continue to make their case so we can be victorious in the end."

McLendon wouldn't elaborate on the relationship between the victim and suspect, except to say the two had been roommates for several years. Channel 2 Action News learned that Danielle Parker moved out a few weeks ago.

"If she's the one who did it, we want her to be prosecuted," said McLendon.  "It'll come out if she's the one who did it."

"She's incarcerated, so that's that," said the victim's father.  "Justice is being served.  I'm not a vengeful person.  I'm not God.  I'm not the judge and jury, so I'll leave it (at) that."