Sister screams as judge revokes bond for rape suspect

by: Tom Jones Updated:

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A screaming relative disrupted a DeKalb County courtroom when a judge revoked the bond for a martial arts instructor accused of child molestation and rape.

Deputies escorted the sister of Adrian Spellen out of the courthouse as she wailed and screamed that the judge’s decision to revoke bond was unfair.

Spellen is accused of molesting a 9-year-old student at his Power Kicks Martial Arts studio near Lithonia last year.

Spellen was originally released on bond but ordered not to have contact with children under the age of 16. Prosecutors told Judge Clarence Seeliger that the victim’s uncle spotted Spellen at the studio with other children present.

“I did see one child that was in the area when he was talking to adults,” the child’s uncle told Seeliger.

Spellen’s attorneys showed surveillance video from the studio that they claimed proves he didn’t come in contact with children, but the judge was not swayed.

“Mr. Spellen showed utter disregard for the terms of the bond. I will revoke his bond. Take him into custody,” Seeliger ordered.

Spellen’s sister erupted and had to be restrained by her mother and sister before she was led out of court.

Stephanie Bryant, Spellen’s other sister, told Channel 2’s Tom Jones she disagreed with the ruling.

“It’s unfair,” she said before an attorney asked her to stop speaking.

Spellen may have to remain behind bars until his trial. Prosecutors told Jones that no trial date has been set.