Showers continue in metro Atlanta


Showers are expected to continue in Atlanta throughout this week.

ATLANTA - Another wave of showers returned Tuesday, and the rain is expected to continue until the end of the week.

“The dreary conditions continue this evening across metro Atlanta and north Georgia, (with) heavier rainfall up to the north,” Channel 2 meteorologist David Chandley said.

The hardest hit areas were in the northwestern part of the state, following the same pattern as Monday’s showers.

A flood watch is in effect for upper north Georgia, which is set to last through Wednesday morning. For metro Atlanta, additional rainfall will be less than one inch.

Temperatures climbed into the mid-60s in the metro area. Chandley said there will be a wide range of temperatures across the region on Wednesday, but it will be cool in the northwest and much warmer to the southeast.

Another weather disturbance is expected to roll through on Thursday morning, but it should be dry by the afternoon. There is a slight risk for a mix of rain and snow for a brief period in north Georgia on Thursday afternoon, but temperatures in the air and on the ground will remain well above freezing, so no travel issues are expected.