Shootout sends bullets flying through wall, into baby's crib


Residents say it’s just not safe at the Providence at Cascade apartments in southwest Atlanta.

ATLANTA - A family says during a 15-minute shoot-out at their apartment complex a bullet flew through their wall and landed in their baby’s crib.

Residents say it’s just not safe at the Providence at Cascade apartments on Fairburn Road in southwest Atlanta.

On Tuesday, one witness says she saw a green car pull up and three men jumped out of the car. She says they started firing and then another group of men returned fire.

Channel 2’s Craig Lucie found bullets in the walls in cars at the complex. The mother of a 6-month-old got emotional thinking about what could have happened. Saquainda Anderson says she knows she could have lost her child.

“That could have been my baby’s life. And you can’t get that back worth nothing,” she said.

Anderson says she was only gone for about 30 minutes and came back to residents out in the streets and police investigating after bullets flew over people’s heads and into the side of apartments. Anderson found one of them and took it to an officer.

“I just found (the bullet) in my baby bed. That could have been my baby in the bed. He told me, ‘Thank God it wasn’t your bed,” said Anderson.

Tuesday on the Channel 2 Action News Nightbeat, Lucie showed where the bullet came right through the wall, hit the back of the bed and ricocheted before it landed right in the crib.

“Everybody was shooting back and forth it was like a real shootout; probably for 30 minutes,” said Nicole Johnson.

She says shootings happen at the complex all the time.

Less than two months ago, a man was shot and killed. While Atlanta police says no one was hit this time, Anderson says another child was nearly shot.

So far, there are no reports of arrests in Tuesday's shooting.