Shooting victim says man tried to lure her into car

by: Tom Jones Updated:


EAST POINT, Ga. - One of two women shot by a man police said tried to lure them into his car said the gunman needs to be caught as soon as possible.

Aingelique Moore, 34, talked to Channel 2's Tom Jones after she was released from the hospital.

She showed him how the gunman's bullet hit her in the arm early Tuesday morning.

"And went through there. Went through here and it's lodged in here," Moore said as she showed him her wounds.

She also said there is still a bullet lodged in her lower back.

"Right up here is where the bullet sits and they can't remove it cause it's gonna paralyze me," she said.

Moore was shot near Orly Terrace and Scofield Road near College Park just after 6 a.m. that morning.

She said she was walking from a friend's home when the gunman pulled up beside her and told her to get inside his silver newer model compact car.

"And I said no I'm not going home with you," Moore said.

She said that's when she walked away.

"I didn't see no gun or anything. Next thing I know I just heard a shot," Moore said.

Moore said she ran and hid but then noticed the gunman turn around and come back. She thinks he came back to kill her.

"Trying to finish me off. If he shot me one time you know he was gonna come back and try and shoot again," Moore said.

She hid in the darkness until she felt safe.

Police believe the gunman is the same man who shot a woman walking down the street in East Point on Cleveland Avenue minutes before Moore was shot.

That victim was hit in the face and is in critical condition that last time police released her condition.

Police are very concerned about the shooter still being on the loose.

"We're really concerned about the welfare of the public since this individual is out and about on the street," Lt. Cliff Chandler of the East Point Police Department said.

They have released a sketch of the suspect.

Meanwhile, Moore said she is lucky to be alive.

She became even more enraged when she heard the man who shot her also shot another woman.

"How in the hell you gonna sit around here and try and shoot someone else and shoot me and I live to tell it," she said.

Her roommate, Tameika Ramsey, who Moore said is like a sister to her, said Moore survived for a reason.

She asked for the public's help in catching the gunman.

"If y'all see him please call the police don't be a hero. Because what happened to her could easily happen to you," Tameika Ramsey said.

Police believe the gunman is a light skinned muscular black man.

He stands about 6-feet to 6-feet 2-inches tall.

He had dreadlocks and puffy eyes. He was wearing a Royal blue sleeveless shirt with blue and white shorts.

He was driving a silver newer model compact car.