Shelter making new push to cut down on animal abuse cases


FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Workers and volunteers with a local animal shelter are making a new push to solve and cut down on the number of animal abuse cases.

In the past few months, they say they've seen way too many of them.

“There’s no excuse for this at all. I don’t understand how people can do it, but I want to let people know we’re here, and we can help,” Fulton County Animal Services Director Lara Hudson said.

Hudson showed Channel 2 Action News several dogs in the Fulton County animal shelter that have been victims of abuse.

"He's just as sweet as he can be, young dog, and it looks like somebody has done some kind of home ear cropping as you can see,” Hudson said as she pointed at one of the animals.

Hudson says she gets about 200 calls a month about abuse and neglect cases, and they need the public’s help to stop animal cruelty.

“When people report animal cruelty, we really need them to help us further by showing up in court and testifying as to what they saw,” Hudson said.
Hudson also urges people to contact their lawmakers to tell them to support groups that work to prevent animal cruelty and enforce current laws.
The majority of abuse or neglect cases are considered misdemeanors, punished by a simple fine.
Most incidents involve people abandoning animals, many times leaving them tied to a post with no food or water.
Cases deemed “serious” could be felonies, but according to Hudson, all cases are serious.
“People don’t just wake up one day and start committing aggravated felony animal cruelty. It starts small, and it carries over to people, so we need to be alarmed whether we’re animal lovers or not,” she said.

Hudson says her shelter and many others are open seven days a week.

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