Several injured after car crashes into Kroger

by: Carl Willis Updated:


ATLANTA - Police swarmed the site of a bizarre crash scene on Cascade Avenue where witnesses say a man intentionally drove a car into the entrance of a Kroger grocery store.
Police say several people were injured in the crash, but they could not speak on the severity of the injuries.
Cellphone video shot by a Channel 2 Action News employee shows a mother on a stretcher carrying her baby.
Rico Mitts, who was directly involved in the chaos, talked to Channel 2.
He was arrested for disorderly conduct and he says it was his mother's car that went barreling into the store.
Mitts says his mother's boyfriend was the one who put it there.
According to Mitts, he argued with the man over who would drive. 
"When he cut it back on, he pressed the gas and I jumped back from the car," said Mitts. 
He says his mother's boyfriend stepped on the accelerator and aimed for the front door.
Mitts' sister says she was inside of the car.
"When he did that I rolled onto the ground myself," said Tiffany Harris.
Harris says his mother is in jail and all of this commotion and the injuries caused were due to a dispute over who got to control the car.
She said her mother's boyfriend also happened to have a key.
"We didn't even know he had a spare key," she said.
The driver was arrested for disorderly conduct and reckless driving.
The Kroger store closed for the night as a crew made repairs to the entrance.