School warns of suspicious man trying to lure children

by: Carl Willis Updated:


ATLANTA - A southeast Atlanta school is on edge after students said a man tried to get them to get into his car.

The principal at Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School's middle school campus alerted parents that a man tried to lure students Wednesday.

In a letter to parents, the principal detailed how the man approached the campus' back yard from Eastwood Avenue Southeast and asked students to hop a fence and get in his car.

He allegedly shouted to the students while they were on campus during a midday recess.

"That's very bold," said parent Elvis Morgan. "On top of that, to ask a group of children and not an individual, that's very far-fetched."

Parent Michelle Brown told Channel 2's Carl Willis she was even more surprised to get the message from school staff.

"How dare someone approach children during school?" she said.

Still, parents said the students reacted perfectly and put an end to the danger.

"What they did was they ran quickly to a teacher and told them what had transpired, and the police were then told," Brown said. "So everything seemed to get wrapped up pretty quickly."

The only thing bothering parents now is the fact that the man is still out there, and there's only a vague description for him.

Witnesses said he was driving a white Chevrolet Malibu. They said the white man appeared to be in his late 20s to early 30s, had short, dark hair and stood about 6 feet tall.

"It's very vague, but for him to stop and have a conversation, it should be a very descriptive description," Morgan said.

For now, parents are taking comfort in knowing their children know how to respond if this happens again.

"They were actually taught very well, so I'm very happy about that," said Brown.

According to the principal, this affected the middle school campus and not the elementary campus in Ormewood Park.

"We will continue to keep our eyes and ears open when students are outside," Principal Matt Underwood wrote in a letter to parents. "As well, we will keep students inside the building according to our safety protocol and contact law enforcement if necessary."