• School district investigating how 4 kindergartners participated in sexually inappropriate behavior

    By: Tom Jones


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A local school system has opened an investigation to determine how four kindergarten students were able to participate in sexually inappropriate behavior without adults noticing what was going on.
    Clayton County Schools says it is working to get to the bottom of what happened at James Jackson Elementary near Jonesboro.
    The mother of one of the students involved is upset that a teacher and a Para Pro in the room didn't notice the indecent behavior.
    "Where was her teacher? Why didn't nobody see it. Why didn't nobody stop it?” The mother asked.
    Channel 2 Action News is not revealing the mother or her 6-year-old child's identity because of the sensitive nature of the story.
    The mother says her daughter was one of four students who were disciplined and sent to the corner in their classroom.
    According to a witness statement given by her child, the children engaged in abnormal sexual behavior on multiple occasions while in the corner. It was so abnormal the mother had to take her daughter to the doctor.
    "So she can have a test for STDs," the mother said.  
    The girl also says she showed one of her classmates her private parts at her desk. The mother says a student eventually told an adult and that's when she found out.
    "We are completely disturbed about this incident," Clayton County Schools spokeswoman Vicki Gavalos told Channel 2’s Tom Jones.
    Gavalos was clearly shaken by the details of what happened. She told Jones the district is concerned about the well-being of the children.
    "We are taking this very seriously. We are conducting a complete investigation... a thorough investigation of what happened," she said.
    The mother of the 6-year-old wants the adults in the classroom disciplined.
    "Something seriously needs to happen to the two teachers that were in that classroom," the mother said.
    The school system says the children will be offered counseling.
    In the meantime, the mother has moved her daughter out of the classroom and says she may move her out of the school.

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