• Sarah Palin stumps for Karen Handel in GOP Senate race


    ATLANTA - The Republican U.S. Senate campaign of Karen Handel is getting a needed boost from former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
    Channel 2's Lori Geary was in Union City in south Fulton County where Palin knocked one of Handel's opponents. 
    Those jabs come at a crucial time for Handel. The only Republican woman in the Senate race, or as Sarah Palin would describe it -- The only “mama grizzly.”
    “Let me introduce to you, although she's already your friend, the next United States senator from the great state of Georgia,” Palin said.
    For Handel, the timing of a visit from former Alaska Governor couldn't be better. 
    This week’s exclusive Channel 2 Action News poll shows Handel behind the pack with political newcomer David Perdue in the lead followed by Jack Kingston, Paul Broun and Phil Gingrey. 
    “I'll put my record up against every single one of the guys in this race, any day of the week,” Handle said.
    Palin endorsed Handel four years ago when she ran for governor and lost to Gov. Nathan Deal by less than 2,500 votes in a brutal primary run-off.
    “I think it was meant to be, the outcome of that race so she could be in this race to win this race,” Palin said.
    Palin's visit came as a surprise to many of the Republican supporters in the room. Her visit was kept secret because the venue at the Green Manor Restaurant was small. The Handel camp got last-minute confirmation that the former vice presidential candidate would make an appearance.
    “As we really finish out these last weeks into May 20, this is able to get us a lot of momentum heading into that,” Handle said.
    “It's wonderful to get to be back here especially in a group full of conservative, hard-working women who knows what it's going to take to get this country on the right track,” Palin said.

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