• Sandy Springs votes to support housing authority over apartment demolition


    SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - Families living in a north Fulton County apartment complex may have to find a new place to call home.

    Sandy Springs city leaders voted to support a proposal from the housing authority Tuesday night to close a nine-unit apartment building on Belle Isle Road.

    Fulton County says the upkeep costs for the 60-year-old building are too high, so it wanted to tear it down and sell the land, forcing the tenants in the public housing complex to move.

    The county plans to give the tenants a housing voucher before they have to leave, but many said the idea of moving is not sitting well with them.

    “It’s a very private location. Parking’s good. Shopping’s good. Security is excellent,” resident Robert Harris said.

    Sandy Springs leaders voted on a resolution to support the position of the housing authority to demolish the building – the first of many steps before residents can be forced out.

    The county said it could be late fall or winter before residents would actually have to leave the complex.

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