• Sandy Springs plans $3M improvement to Windsor Parkway


    The city of Sandy Springs is borrowing $3 million from the state to help make two of its busiest roads safer.
    “(The) Windsor Parkway project was a great project, because of the safety angle of that skewed intersection up there and the extreme congestion we all know,” Bert Brantley of the State Road and Tollway Authority said.
    Brantley is showcasing new plans to smooth out the ride on Windsor Parkway. The plans include a wider, safer road with two left turn lanes at Roswell Road to help ease congestion and keep traffic flowing. 
    Brantley says the state is loaning Sandy Springs nearly $2.75 million for the project.
    “When you have a bad intersection, you have safety problems. You could have wrecks that could happen between now and when they have the money, so this will speed it up out there and make it safer sooner,” Brantley said.
    The project will begin this fall after going through the city’s approval process. It also means the new street will run through an old church, which is currently being used as an auction house. The owner of the property recently sold the lane to the city.
    Sandy Springs will have 10 years to pay back the loan. The money comes from the state gasoline sales tax.

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