• Same-sex couple again tries to change name on Georgia driver's license


    NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - A North Fulton woman again tried to put her married name on her driver’s license Thursday, but was denied under Georgia law because she is in a same-sex couple.

    You can get your name changed at the Department of Driver's Services if you have a legal document that backs that up. But under Georgia state law, agencies do not have to recognize same-sex marriage from other states. For the couple, that's a huge disappointment.

    The couple tried to bring in a petition with 10,000 signatures from the website change.org to DDS Thursday, but they were still denied.

    Shikira Tucker and Danielle McCollum were legally married in Massachusetts. They want their married names hyphenated on their Georgia driver's licenses. McCollum was denied that.

    Tucker's original name change did go through a couple months ago, but the state then sent her a letter saying it was in error and she had to surrender it and go back to her given legal name. The couple calls it completely unfair.

    “Let's be on the right side of history because people will look back and say, ‘Wow the Georgia DMV was wrong and it’s embarrassing, it’s shameful,’” McCollum said.

    Channel 2’s Linda Stouffer called the state about the guidelines and a spokesperson for the Department of Driver Services said it’s state law. Agencies do not recognize same-sex marriages.

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