• Accused killer enters plea after fleeing state


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - The prime suspect in what police believe is a murder, is heading to prison after a surprise plea deal.
    The man does not face charges in connection with the death though, only crimes committed in the following days.
    Police in Duluth have not given up on a potential murder charge, but for now Robert Sandman is headed to prison.
    Victim Don Singer’s family didn't want to talk Monday, saying they are still digesting these developments.  Sandman’s ex-girlfriend, Kathy Richie, said she feels guilty.
    “It was a moment of opportunity I think,” Richie said.
    Richie was in court Monday morning as Sandman pleaded guilty to taking Singer's sports car and using his ATM card. He'll serve nine years in prison.
    In April 2013, Singer was found dead in his Duluth home. His body was wrapped in blankets and covered with bleach.
    Investigators have long suspected Sandman killed Singer but have never been able to prove it. 
    Sandman served time for stalking Richie, his former girlfriend and a neighbor of Singer's. 
    Sandman was released from prison just one day before police believe Singer was killed.  Richie said she feels guilty for Singer's death, believing it was all an attempt aimed at her.
    “I think in the back of my mind he was coming for me. He had nothing to lose, he had no job, no money, no car,” Richie said.
    As part of the plea deal, prosecutors dropped charges of concealing a death. Sandman was sentenced to 14 years in prison Monday, with nine to serve.

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