Robber drives off with student hanging from car, crashes

by: Mike Petchenik Updated:


SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - Sandy Springs police have issued arrest warrants for a man they said robbed a local art student, then drove off with the victim hanging out of his car.

Victim William Knauft told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik he met John Benjamin Harris July 12 to discuss producing a rap album for him outside his apartment on Roswell Road.

"I put my hand in my pocket and tried to grab my phone and a little bit of my folded cash slipped out and as soon as he caught a glimpse of it he just grabbed it," said Knauft. "His window was down so I leaped half of my body into his window and held on just to try to grab it back."

Police said Harris continued on with Knauft clinging to the car for several hundred feet.

"He was basically swerving all over the place, trying to get me to shake off the car, and in the process he crashed into two other cars," said Knauft.

Knauft told Petchenik he fell off the car and hit his head on the ground, causing a skull fracture.

Meantime, Teara Harris, who is not related to the suspect, told Petchenik she came out of her apartment to find her station wagon hit by the suspect.

"I was mad as hell about my car," she said. "Out of all the cars in this parking lot, you had to hit my car."

Harris said she wants the suspect arrested and to pay for her car, which was totaled in the incident.

"I had just put a full tank of gas in my car," she said. "I want my gas money back, I want you to pay for my car."

Knauft told Petchenik he believes he was targeted because of the recording equipment he keeps in his apartment.

He said a mutual acquaintance set up the appointment with Harris.

Police are asking anyone with information on Harris's location to give them a call.