Road Conditions for Douglas County- 4 p.m.


Road Conditions for Douglas County: Thursday, January 30th, 4 p.m.

All roads are open if you drive with care except for the following:

  • Highway 5 at Dog River
  • South Burnt Hickory Road at Liberty Baptist Church
  • Skyview Drive between Sweetwater Creek and Thornton Road
  • Anneewakee Road between Dogwood Blossom Mobile Home Park and Fairburn Road
  • Stewarts Mill Road from Chapel Hill Road to Yeager Road
  • Fairburn Road at Riverside Parkway
  • Thornton Road from Interstate 20 to the Chattahoochee River

The above listed roads can be traveled with 4wd and much care. There are many abandoned cars along these roads and lots of remaining ice.

Road conditions will deteriorate when the sun goes down tonight because the temps will drop again into the teens and everything wet and icy will re-freeze through late morning tomorrow.

The Douglas County School System is closed Friday, January 31st.

The Douglas County Courthouse is open Friday, January 31st.

Jurors are requested to report to the Courthouse at 10 a.m. Friday, January 31st.