Resources for senior drivers and family members


Want to know more? Resources for senior drivers and their family members:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on older driver information:

AAA’s safety tips for older drivers and a state-by-state guide to licensing laws:

American Occupational Therapy Association

National Safety Council offers research, tips and facts for seniors:

National Center on Senior Transportation’s guide for families and older drivers on car retirement:

AARP offers quizzes, a driver resource center and links to driver safety courses:

Georgia Department of Public Health has information on programs the state of Georgia is working on to assist senior drivers: has a number of resources for senior drivers staying safe, and for concerned family members:

Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine’s study on habits of older drivers:

National Caregivers Library offers a wealth of resources for family members, including how to monitor driving ability:

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has information on state laws, national statistical information, and articles for families and seniors.