Resort: Gun rights group can't bring guns to annual convention

by: Lori Geary Updated:


ATLANTA - A Georgia gun rights group said it is looking for a new place to hold its annual convention after a popular Georgia resort changed its deal. said just before it finalized the deal to hold its annual convention at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Ga., the resort called and said members of the gun rights organization couldn't bring their guns.

"We don't go around raising trouble, we just go around having fun," said Jerry Henry, executive director of "We tell you up front where we are and what we're going to do."

Henry said he was openly carrying a gun when he went down to book the convention back in February and told the sales team his 400 members would be doing the same for their August event.

Henry said he was told there would be no problem.

But a problem arose this week when Callaway Gardens told him though his members are welcome, their weapons are not.

"If they would have told us when we walked in the doors guns weren't allowed, we would have said fine, turned around, drove back, and we'd look somewhere else. We wouldn't have wasted the last three or four months," Henry told Channel 2's Lori Geary.

When Geary reached out to Callaway Gardens, a spokesperson offered an apology, saying, "We truly appreciate's desire to host their annual convention at the family-friendly Callaway Gardens resort, a privately-owned organization. Unfortunately, two team members did not properly convey our weapons policy, which, like many other family friendly destinations, does not permit weapons on the premises."

Still, Henry said Callaway Gardens reneged on the deal, and that's not sitting well with some of his more than 8,000 members.

Geary found some already expressing their thoughts on the resort's Facebook page.

"There are not a lot of happy campers with them in our organization right now, that I know of," Henry said.

Henry said he still plans to hold the convention in August. They're currently working on negotiating with other venues.