Residents sue to stop gun shop near school


TYRONE, Ga. - Members of the Tyrone Town Council responded to a lawsuit filed against the town by voting to retrace their steps in a controversial rezoning plan.

Council members voted on Thursday to hold more public hearings regarding the rezoning, which would allow a gun shop and firing range to move in next to a shopping plaza and a subdivision.

"Who wants to place their home, their children, their livelihood – school buses coming in and out right adjacent to a gun shop and shooting range?" resident Eric Woods said.

Dozens of residents showed up Thursday night to express their opposition to the rezoning, which was recently approved by the council.

"You made a pledge about listening to Tyrone residents, but yet, we have a gun shop and gun range, so what's next, a gentleman's club?" resident Derrick Jackson asked.

Concerned residents of Tyrone filed the lawsuit against the town, claiming they did not know about the rezoning process until the vote had already happened.

Resident Irene Cheyne said she did not think the council was open about planning and approving the rezoning. She said she was afraid to say why she felt that way.

In light of the lawsuit, the town council voted on Thursday to hold two more public hearings and reconsider the rezoning.

"The town council basically bought time tonight," Woods said. "If the council had any intention of changing their mind, they would have rescinded the vote tonight."

The rezoning issue will go back before the town planning comission later this month, and then back to the town council in May.