• Residents say Inman Park apartments in "deplorable" condition


    ATLANTA - Residents of an Inman Park apartment complex describe their building’s conditions as deplorable and some say it's gotten so bad they may have to move.
    This building sits on Alta Avenue near Little Five Points. Residents told Channel 2’s Ashley Swann they love living at the apartment because of the location, but over the last month, they haven't loved what's been going on inside their apartments.
    Residents say the Inman Flats Classic Apartments has open walls, standing water, damaged sheetrock and otherwise horrible conditions they describe as unlivable.
     “I'm sure there's mold and all that kind of stuff in there. And you leave a hole up there, there's bugs that get in, so it's pretty gross,” said resident Bruno Arredondo.
    Arredondo showed Swann the corroded pipes that were removed from his unit. He said what started as a somewhat contained water leak quickly spread throughout the building.
    “They took all the pipes out, fixed it and then everybody else's apartment started flooding," Arredondo said.
    In the weeks that followed, many lost water for days at a time. Bruno said he hasn't had hot water in his bathroom for weeks.
    "The water in the sink is hot, but no water at all comes out of the shower,” Arredondo said.
    It's gotten so bad, Swann was told many residents simply packed up and left. Others said they're considering doing the same.
    “Nobody should be living like that, especially if you're paying rent and that kind of stuff,” one resident, who wished to stay anonymous, said.
    Tenants said they pay about $800 a month to live at the apartments.
    The management company has its phone number clearly posted here outside the apartments. Channel 2 has reached out to them Sunday afternoon and left a message, but so far haven't heard back.

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