Residents: Rats 'the size of cats' invading complex



DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Residents in a DeKalb County apartment complex said rats the size of cats are terrorizing their families.

Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri spent the evening talking to residents at the Highlands at East Atlanta apartments.

After dark is when neighbors said the rats really start coming out.

At the scene, Channel 2 Action News cameras captured dozens of rats scurrying by -- a problem residents said is caused by a large dumpster.

"I'm worried about, as a mom, them biting my children when they come out," Lewetta Foster said.

Foster said her 7-year-old is afraid to go outside because a large rat went under their front porch.

"That one trash can, all that trash piled up in front of it. It's just rat city," she told Napier Viteri.

Residents said they need secure trash receptacles to resolve the infestation issue. Some neighbors like Taurry Banks are taking matters into their own hands.

"I come out with my BB gun and gonna shoot at some of them," Banks said.

He said neighbors have told the management about their concerns several times but the rats are still there.

Banks showed Channel 2 the giant holes he believes the rodents are digging on the property.

With so many small children at the complex, Banks is worried the rats are carrying diseases. Minutes before interviewing with Napier Viteri, he said a rat ran inside of their apartment.

"I got a baby. He's still crawling on the floor, so you know it's a big problem with these rats," Banks said.

His neighbor complained about rats causing her car trouble after they allegedly ate away at the wiring under her minivan.

Napier Viteri called apartment management to get their response, but they have not yet returned her call.