Residents not receiving mail because of broken mailbox locks


ATLANTA - Residents said they are missing bills and paychecks because they haven't received mail at their apartment complex for weeks.
The United States Postal Service said they cannot deliver mail to the mail boxes at the Park on Candler because the locks on the boxes are broken and it is unsecure. USPS officials said the management must fix the problem before mail can resume.
Residents said they are growing frustrated.
“How can we pay our bills? And there is a lot of elderly people here on a fixed income,” said resident Sophia Banks.
All the mail is being held at the post office for residents. But many of the residents told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman they don't have cars.
“It is very frustrating. Who wants to get up every day and get their mail? You've got to catch the bus from here to Ponce de Leon and back here and that is too far,” said resident Starran Garrett.
When Stockman went to the property Sunday to ask about the broken mailboxes, someone from the management office told her to leave.
When Stockman spoke with management on Friday they said the issue would be resolved shortly.
"The apartment community is working with the post office as well as ourselves. A representative from the post office determined it was not bad as we thought. The situation will be resolved shortly," the management official said.
“They said we will have it fixed tomorrow, next week… but it’s not happening,” said resident Betty Avery.
The USPS said they have been in communication with management and if management does indeed replace the locks, residents should start receiving mail as soon as Monday.

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