• Residents chase down, hold wanted man for police

    By: Eric Philips


    ATLANTA,None - A man thought he could make a clean getaway from police, but some midtown Atlanta residents got in his way.

    A loud crash at 7th Street and Mentelle was enough to get the attention of neighbors in the community. When they looked outside, they saw the driver of the crashed car trying to evade officers by running behind houses.

    “I have a 9-foot wall with spikes, but he somehow managed to get onto the other side,” a resident said.

    “And so finally I started running after him and followed him across Charles Allen,” resident Scott Janz said.  “We held him until police got there.” 

    The residents got to the man just before he was able to scale another fence.

    Channel 2’s Eric Phillips asked Janz what made him decide to chase the man down.

    “I don’t know. It's just kind of like instinct.  You see police doing their job, and they look like they're struggling for whatever reason, you want to help them out,” Janz said.

    Police have not said why they were chasing the man.


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