• Renters say they're being forced to move from moldy to dangerous units

    By: Carl Willis


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Apartment renters in DeKalb County claim they are being pushed from one moldy building to another.
    Channel 2 Action News first reported on the mold at Kensington Manor Apartments on Mountain Drive in July.
    Monday, residents including Yaka Butler said they received a notice informing them that they need to move to new units.
    Butler told Channel 2's Carl Willis that puts her in a no-win situation.
    She said her current building is in a state of disrepair with most of the units vacant, boarded up and infested with mold.
    She also said her unit in a dark corner of the complex has nearly as many squatters as renters.
    "People are rattling my doorknob every night looking for a decent place to squat," she said. "So, every night we're running to the doors with sticks, bats and knives."
    Still, Butler said the new units are hardly any better.
    Back in July, Channel 2 Action News reported on mushrooms growing in one woman's apartment.
    "This must be done to make sure that you receive the best from our company," read the letter from management outlining the October 5 deadline to move.
    Some renters in three buildings in the rear of the complex said they received that notice on Monday.
    Neighbors said the units in the front of the complex closer to Mountain Drive have experienced violent incidents.
    "It's not a safe environment, especially for somebody in a wheelchair, with no legs," said resident David McKenzie.
    Willis attempted to speak with the staff of Metro Community Management.
    "Close the door," shouted an employee in the office.
    The camera was rolling when an employee shut the door on the photographer.
    Willis got inside -- only to see a worker leave her desk and lock two sets of doors before closing herself in a back office.
    Residents said they have had similar encounters, and said calls to the county have not helped.
    They said they are being taken from an unsanitary setting into potentially dangerous conditions.
    Renters said they planned on picketing at the complex before their October 5 deadline.

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