Renovations needed after tree falls on Fulton County home

by: Mike Petchenik Updated:


FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - The co-founder of a nonprofit that renovates homes for terminally ill children may have to do some renovations to her own home after a tree landed on it Thursday night.

Holly Ranney, of nonprofit Sunshine on a Ranney Day, told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik she woke up Friday morning to find two cedar trees down in the backyard of her Hembree Springs Road home.

"We have a bay window in the back of the house and as we were walking there, usually we see the beautiful woods and open area, and all we saw was greenery," she said. "I kind of freaked out. I saw two trees. One leaning on the house, the other just missed it."

The tree damaged part of the home's roof and demolished a fence in the backyard.

"We'll have to get that fixed," she said.

The tree luckily missed Ranney's potbelly pig, Gracie, whose home sits just a few feet from where the tree landed.

"When I came out here she was actually by the tree, and I was trying to call for her, luckily she came out and she was fine," she said. "That was a little scary."

Ranney said her husband, who has done renovations for children such as Tripp Halstead, will probably remove the trees themselves this weekend.

'Luckily we're safe and it wasn't huge," she said.