• Red Cross surveys tornado damage

    By: Richard Elliot


    GORDON COUNTY, Ga. - The American Red Cross sent damage assessment teams to tornado ravaged areas of Bartow and Gordon counties to survey the devastation and compile data for various organizations.

    "We are driving the area looking at the conditions of the houses, following the track of the tornado," said Bob Townley of the northwest Georgia chapter of the American Red Cross.

    Townley and another volunteer spent the day driving across Gordon County looking at the trail of destruction left behind.

    Townley said the information they compile will be available for various organizations, including the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and the Salvation Army.

    Meanwhile, Townley reminded victims that the Red Cross has set up an emergency shelter at the Bellevue Baptist Church in Calhoun.  He said the Salvation Army will be serving hot meals.

    "There are some really saddening situations out here with the conditions of these houses that we've seen," Townley said.

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