Rain predictions spark flooding worries for residents

by: Manuel Bojorquez Updated:


With more possible storms in the forecast, some Grant Park residents are afraid their homes could flood again.

Residents along Atlanta Avenue said Monday night's torrential rain overwhelmed a city sewer line and drain, causing dirty water to flood their basements, and they said it's not the first time.

"We've got unsanitary conditions in the basement here, impacting the walls, impacting the HVAC system," said Kevin Lynch.

"We've got two children under 3 in the house. We need this taken care of now, and we need this to stop," he added.

Lynch said he's contacted Atlanta Watershed Management about the problem each time his basement floods and that it's happened three times in the past four years.

But Janet Ward, spokeswoman for Atlanta Watershed Management, told Channel 2 Action News Tuesday morning's call was the first from Lynch to the customer service line.

Lynch's response: "Well, maybe she changed the number. I don't know. I've got a history [with them.] I met with Rob Hunter in April of 2010, so if it goes any higher than that, tell me and I'll call that person."

Rob Hunter stepped down as commissioner of Atlanta Watershed Management in September 2010, but Lynch said the agency should still have records of his complaints.

City crews were out assessing the situation Tuesday morning, but could not find immediate signs of a flooded sewer line, Ward said.

She said the area is low-lying, and prone to flooding during downpours, but that crews would continue to assess the combined sewer and drain system in the area.

Lynch said the problem affects more than a dozen homes.

Krystal Perkins moved into the neighborhood in May and said she had 2 feet of water in her basement Monday night and is hoping city officials will "really take a look at the sewer system and fix the problem, so this won't happen every time."