Rafters rescued from Etowah River


CANTON, Ga. - Crews recovered several rafters Sunday night, after they couldn’t find their way off a Cherokee County river.

Special operations Chief Darrell Mitchell said a team of search and rescue crews went looking for two men and two women who called for help after getting stranded on the Etowah River in Canton.

“They said they were down on the river and they had cellphone coverage and did not know exactly where they were asking for someone to come help,” Mitchell said.

The Cherokee County Fire Department mobilized a team to find the missing rafters.

“We were able to find them. One of the rafters swam to shore,” Mitchell said.

The other three stayed on the watercraft and ended up on an embankment.

“The river is very winding, so they misjudged their time, the elements, where they were at,” Mitchell said.

All four people were able to safely get out of the river, but said they should have headed back when the sun went down.

Mitchell said this is the second time in two weeks his team has rescued people from the river.