• Publix employee pays for customer's groceries, inspires others to pay it forward


    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - A Publix employee's act of kindness is inspiring others to pay it forward.

    Over the busy holiday weekend, Sierra Johnson was working her normal shift at the grocery store in Fairburn. When a customer didn't have enough money for their check, she pulled out her own debit card and paid the customer's bill.


    Dam Tyrone II saw the moment happen. He took to Facebook to share the story. In the post he said he was so inspired by Johnson's generosity that he paid for the customer's groceries behind him during his trip to Walmart.

    In the post he said, "She didn't have to help out, but without hesitation, she went in her purse and paid the bill. That simple gesture easily changed someone’s life. Many people were starving this Thanksgiving... We need more people like Sierra."


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