Prosecutors detail 6 DUI arrests as judge sets $250K bond for former Hawks star

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JONESBORO, Ga. - A judge set a high bond for former Atlanta Hawks player Mookie Blaylock Tuesday and said she did it after finding out his high number of DUI arrests since 1996.

Judge Daphne Walker said she has to protect the community, and after looking at Blaylock's DUI history, Walker ruled he can leave his home under limited conditions and he can't get behind the wheel should he bond out.

"The DUI history is troubling," Walker told the court Tuesday. "I am going to set the bond at $250,000."

Former Atlanta Hawk Daron "Mookie" Blaylock, who was in a wheelchair and had his forehead bandaged, faces several misdemeanor charges including second-degree vehicular homicide in connection with the May 31 crash that killed Monica Murphy on Tara Boulevard.

Police said Blaylock left the road, crossed the median and hit Murphy head-on.

Blaylock's attorney said he blacked out. But prosecutors said he was driving on a suspended license.

Prosecutor Keith Gammage wanted a $500,000 bond because of Blaylock's several DUI arrests. He said his record shows DUIs in 1996, 2009, two in 2010, 2012 and another one this year.

That was cause for concern for the judge.

"When a person gets over two to three DUIs, that's something I'm concerned about. Because I believe that DUIs are vehicular homicides that didn't occur," Walker said.

Prosecutors asked for 24/7 house arrest, ankle monitoring, drug and alcohol testing and no driving if he gets out on bond. The judge agreed.

"I am going to impose the restrictions that he will be under complete house arrest," Walker said.

Blaylock will have to undergo weekly random drug testing and wear a GPS ankle monitor. He will also have to surrender his passport.

Blaylock's attorney said the warrant for his arrest in Spalding County on failure to appear for a DUI charge has been pulled. A bond has been reset in that matter.