Prosecution plays police interview with day care murder suspect


DECATUR, Ga.,None - Day five of the murder trial of Hemy Neuman began on Monday with testimony from forensics experts detailing the crime scene and explaining how Rusty Sneiderman died.

Neuman is accused of shooting and killing Sneiderman outside a Dunwoody day care in November 2010.

Dunwoody Police Department crime scene technician Sybil Warner was the first witness on the stand Monday morning.

Warner testified about the evidence found at the scene of the shooting, including 4 cartridge casings.

Next, DeKalb County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Steven Dunton, described Sneiderman’s wounds, including one gunshot that was fired with the muzzle of the gun touching Sneiderman’s jaw.

Dunton testified that three other bullets struck Sneiderman’s torso, some penetrating his vital organs.

The prosecution then began playing Neuman's first interview with Dunwoody police. The five-hour interview was conducted in January 2011 by Lt. David Barnes and Detective Gary Cortellino. After the interview, Neuman was arrested and charged with killing Sneiderman.

In the interview, Neuman denies involvement in the shooting, although his defense later conceded that Neuman fired the shots that killed him.

"I don't think I need to be a suspect. I shouldn't be a suspect. There's no reason why I should be a suspect, but you're reading my rights," Neuman said when asked to sign a paper waiving his right to remain silent.

Neuman has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, citing delusions and demons as factors in the shooting.

The prosecution is trying to show that Neuman did not appear insane during the interview, and that by lying, he must have known the shooting was wrong.

Much of the first week of testimony focused on Sneiderman’s wife, Andrea Sneiderman.

Neuman was Andrea Sneiderman’s supervisor at General Electric at the time of the shooting. His defense said the two were having an affair at the time of the shooting, which she denies.

Prosecutors could wrap up their case this week.