• Proposed slash in state funds could mean major cuts for GGC


    LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - Georgia's newest public college is facing the possibility of cuts and losing millions in state funding.

    Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville is home to more than 9,000 students.

    A proposed state budget cuts millions from GGC's state funding.

    "It will clearly impact students," said Jennifer Stephens with GGC public affairs.

    Stephens said the proposal calls to cut $2.7 million and would have to be absorbed by the end of this fiscal year, which is ends of June.

    "We couldn't address a cut of this size without having furloughs at the campus," Stephens said.

    GGC is considering up to eight furlough days per employee.

    Stephens said it wasn't clear how the cuts would impact teachers in classrooms, but says the college would do everything possible to avoid cutting class time.

    Other measures include cuts to student services, like library hours and even security.

    "With the way the parking situation is going, some of us have to walk as much as a mile to get from our vehicles to our classes, so safety is really important to us," said Jameel Nolan, a junior at the college.

    The school opened its doors in 2006 with a total of 118 students.

    School advocates said the skyrocketing growth will continue and they have rallied the state Senate.

    Friday afternoon the Senate voted to restore every penny of the $2.7 million, but the House is only looking to restore $500,000.

    Stephens said if GGC does have to take a hit, the timing would be key.

    "(We hope) that it would happen in more sort of methodical way that we can plan for and prepare for," Stephens said.

    Because the House and Senate voted to restore different levels of funding, they must now move to conference to debate this out.

    People on the college campus said they're still holding their breath.

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