• Prominent Gainesville businessman killed

    By: Manuel Bojorquez


    GAINESVILLE, Ga. - Hall County sherriff's deputies are investigating the death of a well-known Gwinnett County businessman who was killed during a robbery.
    David Sanchez, 46, died from his injuries at a hospital after he was shot Thursday near a food-processing plant on Industrial Drive in Gainesville.
    "It doesn't even seem real," said Greg Bautista, Sanchez’s friend. "It doesn't even seem as though this person who was part of so many people's lives is not here anymore.  It doesn't seem possible."
    Sanchez owned a party and events store on Atlanta Highway in Gainesville, where he knew customers by name and was always willing to help those who needed it, according to Bautista.
    He also did on-site check-cashing for poultry plant workers. That's why investigators believe he could have been targeted.
    Detectives said two men approached Sanchez at a processing plant on Thursday, opening fire on him, stealing cash and his car. The vehicle was later recovered. 
    A woman who was with Sanchez was not hurt. Investigators are speaking with her and other witnesses, trying to get a better idea of who the shooters are.
    A funeral for Sanchez was held Monday afternoon as investigators announced they would have another meeting Tuesday morning about the case.
    "We really want, in the community, justice for David and for his family," Bautista said.

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