• Councilman gives statement amid traffic stop probe


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has learned authorities are investigating a Dec. 21 traffic stop involving an Atlanta City Council member.

    A DeKalb County spokesperson said police  stopped councilman Aaron Watson Friday night for driving with a suspended license.

    Watson's license was suspended because he didn't pay a ticket, sources said.

    DeKalb County is looking into why Watson was allowed to leave the traffic stop.

    Watson, meanwhile, released the following statement about the incident.

    “I was heading home to pick up my wife to attend a holiday event when I was stopped by a DeKalb County police officer who informed me that my driver’s license was suspended. I am not aware of receiving any notification about the change in the status of my license."

    He continued saying, "Unfortunately, I overlooked the citation associated with this matter in my haste to renew my vehicle’s registration. I have since paid the citation and will address the reinstatement of my license immediately. I appreciate the officer using his discretion after informing me about my license. While neither I nor my office was contacted by the news media regarding this matter, I believe it is important that citizens know the circumstances surrounding this issue.”

    Check back for updates.

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