Preliminary test shows no alcohol in Georgia Dome fall death

by: Aaron Diamant Updated:


ATLANTA - Channel 2 Action News is gaining exclusive new insight into the fall that killed a fan at the Georgia Dome from the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office.

An annual Atlanta football tradition was marred by tragedy on Aug. 31, when Isaac Grubb, 20, fell 35 feet to his death from the Dome's upper deck at the Chik-fil-A kickoff game.

Investigative reporter Aaron Diamant has been digging into the fatal fall for more than a month.

Grubb's family is still mourning the loss.

"Even though he lost his life, it was probably the time of his life at that moment," said Mary Grubb, Isaac Grubb's grandmother.

Tuesday morning, Diamant finally got his hands on the medical examiner's report. Dr. Michele Stauffenberg, who did the autopsy, ruled Grubb's death an accident.

"The main injuries were to the head," Stauffenberg said. "He had skull fractures and bruising of the brain."

The day after the fall, Georiga World Congress Center Police said witnesses confirmed Grubb had been drinking outside the stadium before the game, but the autopsy report shows a rapid screening of fluid taken from Grubb's eye tested "negative for drugs of abuse and alcohol."

Diamant asked Stauffenberg if that result meant Grubb was sober at the time of the fall.

"No," replied Stauffenberg. "Not necessarily, because the test was just a screen, and the nature of a screen is it may be a false negative. There may still be possibly alcohol on board."

Stauffenberg said she won't know for sure until results of the definitive blood test come back from the GBI crime lab in a few weeks.

"I understand other people would continue to have other questions based on the circumstances surrounding the fall and the reason for this accident to take place," added Stauffenberg.

Officials at the Georgia Dome declined a request for an interview Tuesday, because they're investigation won't wrap up until they get the results of that blood test.

Meanwhile, Diamant left a message for Grubb's father in Tennessee, which was not returned.