• Pregnant woman says someone stole thousands from her while she was ill

    By: Rachel Stockman


    NORCROSS, Ga. - A pregnant woman said someone stole thousands of dollars in seconds just feet from her front door at her Norcross apartment.
    Jennifer Conley was forced to quit her job because she said her unborn child has complications with his brain development, forcing her into weekly doctor’s appointments and monitoring.
    “I was not planning on not having income so I just sold everything I could and I put my truck up for sale,” Conley said.
    On Monday, she sold her last valuable possession, a pickup truck at her apartment complex on Chase Lane.
    “I was really dizzy from being outside for over an hour in the hot sun. I stopped right here to catch my breath,” Conley said.
    At that time, she set her $3,800 in cash from the transaction down on the ledge as she caught her breath. In the seconds, she realized she’d left her money. Conley said she turned back around and the money was gone. She believes someone was watching her the whole time.
    “Someone that can take money from a pregnant woman that is going to be used for her baby, that is terrible. I don’t even think that is a person,” Conley said. “Horrible. Horrible. I don’t think I’ve ever been as devastated to realize the mistake I had made in the minute’s time."
    Gwinnett County police are investigating but they have not made any arrests.

    If you’d like to help Jennifer out, you can click on this website.

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