Powerball jackpot at $245 million


The Powerball jackpot climbed even higher on Monday, reaching an estimated $245 million.

 No one won matched all the numbers in Saturday’s drawing but three Georgia Lottery players won $10,000 each in the drawing. The lucky tickets were purchased in Atlanta, Jonesboro and Eton.

 The last Powerball jackpot winner was Kathy Scruggs of DeKalb County who won $25 million on Sept. 14. The jackpot has rolled 13 times since.

 The winner of the $245 million jackpot could choose a cash option lump sum payment worth approximately $146 million, or receive the full amount paid over 29 years.

 Proceeds from Powerball benefit education in the state of Georgia including the HOPE Scholarship and Georgia’s Pre-K program.